Warthunder is a popular 3D multiplayer game for the pc inspired by World War 2. In Warthunder, you fly a plane on one of two teams and you have to try and destroy the other team’s planes.

While I couldn’t make a multiplayer game or AI to play a game of this sort against, I did take some inspiration from the way the game works.
Originally, I had the plane rotating around the vertical axis to turn left and right. I knew something wasn’t quite right so I looked up some videos of Warthunder and I saw that the planes rolled on the forward axis and then rotated around the wings.

Another thing I got inspiration for from Warthunder was the way the camera worked. Originally I had the camera just statically locked to the player, which looked very bad and made it hard to play the game. I added a weighted spring to the camera and made it look ahead of the plane instead of right at it and that improved the feel of the game by a lot.

Warthunder Screenshot
Warthunder Gameplay Screenshot