The first thing that needed designing was the plane. I had several ideas for planes, one of which was the passenger plane pictured below. After thinking about it for a while, I decided the passenger plane probably wasn’t the most realistic choice for agile flying. I figured that a big chunky plane would look very out of place making sharp turns and flying through hoops. This led me down the path of smaller planes.
1st plane design sketch
After deciding against the larger plane, I researched some smaller planes. The RV-7A aircraft (pictured below) looked like the sort of airplane that would be able to pull off tight turns, swoops and dives and not hit the ground when it tried to pull up. Eventually I decided that I didn’t want to use a plane with a propeller because it looked pretty weak and unable to pull  out of steep dives like you can in Wings of Fury.

2nd plane design sketch
The 3rd and final design for a plane was a jet plane. I decided that the only sort of plane that could realistically pull off the same maneuvers that you can in game would be a military style stealth jet.  These planes are designed for accurate flying at high speeds. 
Digital sketch of the final plane design.
After the plane was designed, all that was left to design was the hoops that the player flies through. The first design was just a basic hoop with stilts coming off the bottom. After I drew the sketch I mentally  pictured it in the game and it looked out of place. I evolved the design further by adding another ring in the center (second design) with supporting beams to keep it upright. This looked clunky and ugly and I realised that it was a video game. It didn’t have to obey physics and be structurally sound like it would if you were to create it in real life. The third and final design incorporated this concept by removing the supporting struts and making the inner ring float and spin to draw attention to the hoop.
Design sketches for hoops