Design Brief

The game design company, ‘Play for Fun’ is requesting that designers present designs for a new game which will involve an airplane flying through hoops. The company is aiming to develop a practical, efficient and well-designed game for PC which will nurture and encourage hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision in children.

As a game designer, your assignment is to design this game paying close attention to the points listed above. Your designs will need to meet certain requirements. They must be intuitive and easy to pick up as they are aimed primarily at children. While the designs are aimed at children, they should also be enjoyable for a person of an older age. Your designs should also be simple and creative. There must be a common theme to the graphics and it must also not require a high powered device to run.

A critical part of this task is to present a demo game to Play for Fun in the form of a .exe. This is so that Play for Fun can make an informed decision on the design they like best.